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Mailbox: Can’t Boot USB Drive from Computer

“Hi Cong_,

I have a desktop with an Asus motherboard P5L-x and I can’t seem to boot it up with a usb drive using Linux or Windows on it.  I have a laptop that boots from the USB  drive just fine so I know it’s not the drive.  I have both computers setup to boot from usb in the bios but my desktop just ignores it and boots up from the hard drive so just set it as the first (#1)  hard drive.

Jaunte” Continue reading

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Free USB Drive Partition Restore Tool

Sometimes when you work with USB drives and create things with tools that create partitions such as bootable linux drives you can be stuck with a drive that is not it’s original capacity.

For example you can have an 8GB drive but your computer will only see it as a 4GB drive even after you format it!

If you run into such a situation download this tool to format your USB drive and it will return to it’s original capacity.

USB Drive Partition Restore Tool (624)

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How to Fix the GPS on Acer Liquid Z630 and other Mediatek Phones

Have an Acer Liquid Z630 cell phone or another similar Mediatek MT6735 powered phone?

acer phone photo

Photo by vernieman


As you may know the GPS in not very accurate on these cell phones and tend to scatter or be off by a few feet. Many times the GPS will think you’re on the other side of the road and tell you to go in the opposite direction!


An easy fix for GPS accuracy is to disable BOTH the Wi Fi and mobile data while you are using the GPS so they don’t interfere with the operation of the GPS module.

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