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Auto Hide Your Mouse Cursor Portable App – AutoHideMouseCursor

This is a great free app for Windows that will auto hide your mouse cursor which can annoy you when doing things such as gaming.


The app is called AutoHideMouseCursor and is portable so you don’t have to install it but just run the file.

 AutoHideMouseCursor (509)


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Free Traffic Trading Script

If you want to build traffic to your website it’s essential that you trade traffic with sites that are similar to yours.

The 1 problem with this is keeping track of the trades  and managing them.  Of course there are many traffic trade scripts out there that are great but many cost hundreds of dollars which is usually not feasible to the average webmaster.  There are also free traffic trading scripts out there as well but the problem with these is that they usually take anywhere from 1-3% of your traffic in return for the “free” script.

Is there a solution to this problem?  Of course!

JARlite Free Traffic Trading Script

JARlite Free Traffic Trading Script

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Stop Your Laptop from Slowing Down and Throttling

A problem with many laptops these days is that they are fast but are programmed by the manufacturers to slow down under certain conditions.  This is called throttling and is done for many reasons such as to keep the heat down or extend battery life.

The problem with throttling such as in my situation with the Dell 1520 laptop which I own is that there will come a point where my 2.2GHZ laptop will throttle down to 1/4 of it’s speed and becomes barely usable to me.

Well there is a terrific free program I use called Throttlestop that prevents throttling from occurring.


You can download Throttlestop below.  I highly recommend it if you want to take back control of your laptop’s speed!

Download Throttlestop (585)

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FreeVimager – Portable Free Image Editor


* Touch screen gestures support for zoom in/out and for next/previous picture
* View & Edit graphics file of type: jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff (multi-page), png, pcx and emf
* Save As Pdf command
* Jpeg lossless rotate and crop
* Works with all Windows versions from 95 up to Windows 7FreeVimager
* Multi-monitor support: switch form one monitor to another through context menu or TAB key
* The executable only version stores the settings to a INI file
* Preview Display with transparency (useful when working with two or more monitors)
* Unicode support: Open, Edit, Batch Process or Batch Rename your files named in russian, indian, chinese, japanese…
* EXIF is displayed and all data are kept when editing and saving images
* EXIF date / time adjustment in batch mode
* IPTC & XMP single file / batch editing support for jpeg and tiff files
* Batch Processing and CD / DVD Slideshow creation
* Print Preview with image positioning by dragging
* Size optimized Email sending of images and avi files
* Well known editing features like: rotate, crop, resize, brightness, contrast, sharpen, …
* Live configurable Redeye removal tool
* Live Ansel Adams Zone System Histogram under Brightness, Contrast, … (thanks Jordi for the suggestion)
* Twain Scan multiple pages to tiff and pdf (possibility to Email directly)
* Avi video player with snapshot functionality and draggable borders in full-screen mode (integrated lossless, mjpeg, theora, vorbis and ADPCM codecs)
* Audio and CD player
* Zip extraction (context menu entry available)

FreeVimager Download (1489)

OS: Windows
Installation: no
Website: http://www.contaware.com

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Free Everest Portable PC Diagnostics Tool

EVEREST Home Edition is a freeware system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for home PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. It offers the world’s most accurate system information and diagnostics capabilities, including online features, memory benchmarks, hardware monitoring, and low-level hardware information.


# Advanced hardware monitor with OSD panel and cooling fans monitoring
# Real-time alerting for hot-plug devices
# Portable Computer page to display mobile PC related information
# Bluetooth PAN support
# File Scanner filtering
# User benchmark results manager
# Sharpness test (Monitor Diagnostics)

Download Free Everest Portable PC Diagnostics Tool (752)

OS: Windows
Installation Required: No
Website: http://www.lavalys.com/

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CopyTrans Free Portable iPod iPhone Manager

CopyTrans Free Portable iPod iPhone ManagerSick of iTunes? Is it too complex and slow for your needs? Looking for a faster, lighter and free alternative iPod manager? CopyTrans Manager is an iTunes replacement for your iPhone or iPod. Add music & videos to iPod, edit song tags and artworks, create and organize iPhone playlists, preview tracks with the integrated music player.  It’s also portable and needs no installation. Continue reading

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Free Notebook Hardware Control Utility

notebook hardware controlIf you’re like me you depend on your laptop a lot. Unfortunately sometimes the manufacturers of our laptops tend to do crazy things that drive you crazy!

For me, I own several Dell laptops and one of them loves to throttle its cpu down (lowers it’s clock speed) whenever I use a 65watt power adapter. To me this is just ridiculous to have a computer running at half it’s speed just because you are using a lower wattage power adapter when you NEED it to run at full capacity.

Well there is a free Windows 32bit program that I use called Notebook Hardware Control that can help you take control of your laptop’s hardware such as throttling of the cpu. Besides that it can do MANY MANY other things as well!

Notebook Hardware Control helps you to:

– control the hardware and system power management

– customize the notebook (open source ACPI Control System)

– prolong the battery lifetime

– cool down the system and reduce power consumption

– monitor the hardware to avoid system failure

– make your notebook quiet


Free Notebook Hardware Control Utility (594)

notebook hardware control

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