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Best Free VPN – Virtual Private Network

Free VPNAre you looking for a free VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

Well if you’re like me and travel a lot many times you are stuck using a public hotspot such as at a library or Starbucks.  The problem with public WiFi is that it’s not very secure.  For instance if I sat next to you I could capture all your info through the public WiFi!

What a VPN does is that blocks data and packet sniffing as well as someone else spoofing your computer to get the data from the public WiFi.

Another great use of a VPN is that it allows you to view content that may be blocked from your country such as some Youtube videos, Hulu.com as well as Windows Media Center TV if you live outside the US.

Usually a VPN can cost about $5 a month or more but Anchorfree, a company in California, provides HotSpot Shield, a free VPN that is ad supported.  Maybe you do not need a VPN all the time, but only those few times you want to view a region blocked video.  Well this is a great choice.  I use Anchorfree’s VPN all the time out in public and I’ve never had a problem.  Maybe you will find it useful too!


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