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Best Free Email Account Services

So you want to open up a free online email account but don’t know where to start?

I made a very simple list of the best free email services out there for you so now you can have your own free email account, crap free!



I used gmail myself for many years now and I find it very good for filtering out the nasty spam that you can get but also very accurate in that I seldom get a legit email dumped into the spam bin.

Gmail also has FREE IMAP and POP access which is good and you can send email from any address.

The one thing I like about gmail is that is that there are no obtrusive ads that get stuck in your face like other free email services.  The ads are text based and put out of the way of your email experience.

Sometimes gmail is inaccessible when things are pretty busy or I guess upgrades, those times can get pretty irritating but I’ve been seeing a slight improvement in the past weeks

Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail is another email service that I use and it’s pretty good and comparable to gmail for features and storage space.

When I registered for Yahoo mail name and the yahoo.com extension wasn’t available for that name Yahoo Mail offered 2 other extensions being rocketmail.com and ymail.com.

For the user interface Yahoo mail is more annoying to use than gmail.  For one thing Yahoo mail has alot of help boxes that popup when you first use it.  I guess this is a way of helping people with problems but I found it just annoying.

The ads that are placed in Yahoo Mail are much  more visable than in Gmail and can be somewhat irritating.

The spam filtering is ok in Yahoo Mail, not as good as gmail as sometimes I find legit emails that get sent to the spam bin from my experiences.

Other than these annoyances Yahoo Mail is pretty reliable and up most of the time.

The Rest:

Below are some other free email services that you might find usefull if you need a free email account.  Check them out if you like.

AIM Mail


*  Unlimited Storage – Keep important messages as long as you like.
* Access Your E-mail anywhere – Send and receive messages from your mobile device.
* Integrated Buddy List – Send friends an instant message with just one click.

Windows Live Hotmail


  • Ever-growing storage. 5 GB of storage that automatically increases as you need it.
  • IM through Hotmail. See if your Messenger contacts are online and say “Hi! :-)
  • Sharing calendars. Make calendars everyone in your family, club, or study group can see. Subscribe to the event calendar of a local sports team. See calendars when you’re offline with Outlook or the Windows Live Mail desktop client on your PC.
  • Cleaner design. We’re working to keep the interface simple and easy-to-use.
  • Consolidated e-mail accounts. See your many e-mail accounts organized in one place, even if they’re not Hotmail accounts—give them each a folder or put them all in your inbox.



With Inbox.com free user-friendly Webmail you can send and receive attachments up to 50MB, easily organize your messages, quickly find archived messages, view full conversations by grouping received messages with their replies, compose and read messages even when you’re not online and much more…

  • POP3/SMTP access
  • Up to 30GB of capacity
  • Effective spam protection



Zenbe Personal


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