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Free Portable Software Uninstaller – Revo Uninstaller

Do you hate  uninstalling software from your computer only to have remnants of the software left over such as registry entries?

Here is a pretty good free uninstaller that I use called Revo Uninstaller.  What I like most about this uninstaller is that it also comes in a portable version which means you can run it directly from a usb drive without installing the software.

Here are the features:


  • List installed applications with appropriate icons – in Icon, List and Details views;
  • View all details of a certain application installed on your computer;
  • Uninstall applications even with broken uninstall command – applications that will not uninstall from Windows Add/Remove applet;
  • Very quick search in list of installed applications;
  • Uninstall (stop or delete) applications with a single drag and drop of their shortcut;
  • Uninstall (stop, delete or disable from auto starting) applications pointing on them or their shortcut with the mouse cursor;
  • Remove (with a back up) invalid uninstall entries;
  • Search at Google for a product or company name with just one click;
  • Go to Install location;
  • Go to the location of the uninstall information in the registry;
  • And more…


Revo Uninstaller Portable (387)


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