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Mailbox: Can’t Boot USB Drive from Computer

“Hi Cong_,

I have a desktop with an Asus motherboard P5L-x and I can’t seem to boot it up with a usb drive using Linux or Windows on it.  I have a laptop that boots from the USB  drive just fine so I know it’s not the drive.  I have both computers setup to boot from usb in the bios but my desktop just ignores it and boots up from the hard drive so just set it as the first (#1)  hard drive.


Hey there Jaunte, I hear what you’re saying.  Motherboards are different for all computers, some will boot directly from usb once you set the “boot priority” in your bios to the usb drive BUT some motherboards such as some Asus ones require that you set BOTH the “boot priority” and the “hard drive priority” or “removalble drive priority order in the bios to the usb drive as the #1 drive.

Hope this helps!


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