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Free Traffic Trading Script

If you want to build traffic to your website it’s essential that you trade traffic with sites that are similar to yours.

The 1 problem with this is keeping track of the trades  and managing them.  Of course there are many traffic trade scripts out there that are great but many cost hundreds of dollars which is usually not feasible to the average webmaster.  There are also free traffic trading scripts out there as well but the problem with these is that they usually take anywhere from 1-3% of your traffic in return for the “free” script.

Is there a solution to this problem?  Of course!

JARlite Free Traffic Trading Script

JARlite Free Traffic Trading Script

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Free Portable Software Uninstaller – Revo Uninstaller

Do you hate  uninstalling software from your computer only to have remnants of the software left over such as registry entries?

Here is a pretty good free uninstaller that I use called Revo Uninstaller.  What I like most about this uninstaller is that it also comes in a portable version which means you can run it directly from a usb drive without installing the software. Continue reading

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Stop Your Laptop from Slowing Down and Throttling

A problem with many laptops these days is that they are fast but are programmed by the manufacturers to slow down under certain conditions.  This is called throttling and is done for many reasons such as to keep the heat down or extend battery life.

The problem with throttling such as in my situation with the Dell 1520 laptop which I own is that there will come a point where my 2.2GHZ laptop will throttle down to 1/4 of it’s speed and becomes barely usable to me.

Well there is a terrific free program I use called Throttlestop that prevents throttling from occurring.


You can download Throttlestop below.  I highly recommend it if you want to take back control of your laptop’s speed!

Download Throttlestop (398)

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Marxio Timer – Free Portable Timer Reminder Task Tool

Free Marxio TImer PortableMarxio Timer is a powerful timer and reminder tool which executes scheduled tasks (turn off PC, restart, lock screen, display text, run selected application) at any time you want: after n minutes, before, every, after idle time, every idle time, once, when cpu above or below given value for a specified period. It is the perfect tool to program your computer to perform certain actions without needing your constant attention. The program lets you select the type of task and the moment when it should be done, and includes some additional features such as showing a countdown window or taking a screenshot. Marxio Timer includes a very interesting feature: the ability to save user profiles and even create a desktop shortcut for them for quick start of created tasks. This program is ideal for such purpose like: timer, reminder, parental control, energy saver or just running other applications automatically at selected time.

Free Marxio Timer Portable (462)

Free Marxio TImer Portable

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Free Google Ebooks and Magazines

When I was in university and taking English courses they used to make us buy tons and tons of thick books.  This is fine except that when we were finished reading them at the end of the semester we either had to give them away, throw them out or store them in our homes…which took up A LOT of space!

Did you know that Google offered free ebooks and magazines for reading?  Yes, Google Books have been out for awhile but a lot of people still don’t know that you can read all of the well known books, magazines and poetry online and for free from Google books.  It’s like a virtual library!

Free Google ebooks

Free Google ebooks

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4000+ Free WordPress Themes Resources

So you started a blog and need a nice theme for it but don’t want to spend money?

Here is a list of the best free wordpress themes resources on the internet.  You will find the biggest and best free themes here from the FREE Cong research team.

Bookmark this as new free wordpress themes resources will be added on a regular basis.

150 Free Premium WordPress Themes


150 Free Premium WordPress Themes

30 Free Magazine / Grid Style WordPress Themes


30 Free Magazine / Grid Style WordPress Themes

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Mailbox: Can’t Boot USB Drive from Computer

“Hi Cong_,

I have a desktop with an Asus motherboard P5L-x and I can’t seem to boot it up with a usb drive using Linux or Windows on it.  I have a laptop that boots from the USB  drive just fine so I know it’s not the drive.  I have both computers setup to boot from usb in the bios but my desktop just ignores it and boots up from the hard drive so just set it as the first (#1)  hard drive.

Jaunte” Continue reading

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Free Twitter Tools Resource Directory


An image I uploaded of the fail whale

Twitter has become widely popular over the past year and it’s especially known for it’s easy API that allows developers to create tools for twitter users.

I compiled a list of all the FREE twitter resources out there that you can use or might fight useful.  If you have a twitter tool you’d like on the free list please contact me and I will add it after reviewing it.

So here it is!  The BIGGEST, BEST, FREE TWITTER TOOLS DIRECTORY! Continue reading

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Free USB Drive Partition Restore Tool

Sometimes when you work with USB drives and create things with tools that create partitions such as bootable linux drives you can be stuck with a drive that is not it’s original capacity.

For example you can have an 8GB drive but your computer will only see it as a 4GB drive even after you format it!

If you run into such a situation download this tool to format your USB drive and it will return to it’s original capacity.

USB Drive Partition Restore Tool (436)

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Best Free Email Account Services

So you want to open up a free online email account but don’t know where to start?

I made a very simple list of the best free email services out there for you so now you can have your own free email account, crap free!



I used gmail myself for many years Continue reading

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