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70 Free Portable Software Applications

Are you tired of reinstalling software everytime you reformat your computer?  Portable software is software that you can carry on any usb thumb drive and run it directly on that drive to any computer without installation.

I’ve been using portable software for years because it makes moving things and backups much easier, all you do is drag and drop.

Nowadays most of my software is portable including Firefox Portable.

Below you will find some of the best free portable applications courtesy of PortableApps.com






Graphics & Pictures


Music & Video


Operating Systems


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Free Comodo Internet Security Antivirus and Firewall

Here’s a total internet security program for your PC that includes a very good antivirus and firewall.  It’s called Comodo and it’ll work for Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit.  Comodo has received many good reviews and you can read a review of it here at PC Mag

Free Comodo

Free Comodo

Free Comodo Internet Securty Firewall and Antivirus Download (552)

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